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Title: Dragon Name Generator!!
Description: Whats your Dragon name. =P

the power of ICE - March 11, 2006 04:46 AM (GMT)
This is a neat little thing, it generates your name if you were a dragon. :D

This was mine: I typed in Duncan and got: Neceron the Insane (Red Dragon) ^_^ Fits too. :P

hmm...I think I might have to make myself a DB dragon. Xd

oh, and another thing if you try the test again with the same name, it won't change.

Here it is. Enjoy!

Nayade - March 11, 2006 05:14 AM (GMT)
Cool, with my name I got "Grithore the Fire Starter (White Dragon)"
And with my last name I got "Ashkore the Firebreather (Black Dragon)" B)

Airshadow - March 11, 2006 05:27 AM (GMT)
With my name I'm Ortinbras the Bringer-of-Ashes (Black Dragon)
With my user name I'm Ashkor the Ash Creator (Black Dragon)
with my nickname I'm Kagor the Dark Eyed (Black Dragon)

It seems that... I'm desendent of Blak Draconium empire

SilverDragon - March 11, 2006 05:54 AM (GMT)
I got...


With real first name: Bithor the Bringer-of-Flames (Gold Dragon)
With user name: Drago the Great Dragon (Silver Dragon)
With nickname: Omnirok the Bringer-of-Fire (Black Dragon)
With full name: Bithor the All-Knowing (Red Dragon)


dRagOniDe - March 11, 2006 06:00 AM (GMT)
OOO!! NICE!!! well...I typed my first name and I got this:
Magor the Flame Starter (Black Dragon)

then my second name:
Aqwers the Water Breather (White Dragon)

So I guess that I'm a mix of the two opposite colours....maybe I'm grey??

and when I wrote them together I got this:
Magor the Water Breather (White Dragon)

............. o.O

Mari - March 11, 2006 06:28 AM (GMT)
Magor the Flame Starter (Black Dragon)

SheWulph - March 11, 2006 07:16 AM (GMT)
Ashkore the Ash Maker (Yellow)
Ashkore the flamebreath (White)
Drago the Bringer of ashes (Yellow)
Awkore the bringer of fire (Yellow)
Burx the ash maker (Yellow)
Lurto the flame (Blue)

I'm a yellow belly newt, I'm so ashamed.
*sits in a corner afraid to show face*

Cepheus - March 11, 2006 01:20 PM (GMT)
I got "Athkor the Fire Breather (Black Dragon)" when I used only my first name.
I got "Athkor the Fire Starter (Silver Dragon)" when I used my first and last name.
Using my nickname I got "Ashkoort the Firebreather (Black Dragon)."
I got "Ashkoort the Flame Starter (Silver Dragon)" for nickname and last name.
For my user name I got "Lephisto the Bringer-of-Ashes (Green Dragon)."

SheWulph - March 11, 2006 02:34 PM (GMT)
I have tryed again but Askore the ash maker (Yellow dragon) pops up.
I'm still a yellow belly newt.
*go back to corner*

Rachel C - March 11, 2006 05:09 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (SheWulph @ Mar 12 2006, 12:34 AM)

Aww, poor you! *hug*.

OK, I got....

*Checking spelling...*

Gretchen the Firebreather (Red Dragon)=My real name
With my username I got= Gretchen the Firebreather (red dragon)
With my last name I got= Celto the peaceful one (White dragon)
With my full name I got= Gretchen the peaceful one (White dragon and a bit of red)
So, i am happy, red usually means as a feeling angry, and white is calm, so i can fly into terrible tempers.... I am loving my dragon thingy...!

Katana - March 11, 2006 05:36 PM (GMT)
Whit my real name

Natgar the Flame Starter (Green Dragon)

Whit my nick name

Atma the Great Dragon (Black Dragon)

Whit other nick

Drago the Dragon (Red Dragon)

Lephisto the Bringer-of-Ashes (Silver Dragon)

Whow was funny. ;)

Rachel C - March 11, 2006 05:39 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Katana @ Mar 12 2006, 03:36 AM)

I loved it all, i am happy with my results

Goddesstears - March 15, 2006 06:52 AM (GMT)
I got Bithor the Lightning Breather (White Dragon) ^^ Sounds cool

I wonder if that'd be like Blue Eyes White Dragon or Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon...I got both cards so oh well :lol:

LightningFlash - March 15, 2006 08:31 AM (GMT)
Ortinbras the Lightning Breather (Blue Dragon)

ShadowCat - March 15, 2006 10:19 AM (GMT)
Jargon the Lightning Breather (Blue Dragon)

hyperpsychomaniac - March 16, 2006 10:54 AM (GMT)
Lurto the Flamebreath (Blue Dragon)

And with hyperpsychomanic:
Merceron the Harmless one (Yellow Dragon)

Lol... looks like I'm a newt too. :P

The Furox - March 16, 2006 06:05 PM (GMT)
With my real name yields: Cruzor the Ash Creator (Blue Dragon)

Putting Furox in yields: Fromx the Furious (Blue Dragon)

Looks like I'm a blue dragon no matter what. :)

Professor Parmon - March 16, 2006 07:00 PM (GMT)
Here is what I got:

Elginman Etma the Lightning Breather (Yellow Dragon) <_<

First name Ashkore the Acid Breather (Green Dragon) ^_^

Full name Ashkore the Brown Eyed (Blue Dragon) :) I like this one the most!

The Power of FIRE - March 16, 2006 11:01 PM (GMT)
First Name: Ashkore the Acid Breather (Green Dragon)
Middle Name: Jargon the Good one (Yellow Dragon)
Last Name: Itrenog the All-Knowing (Green Dragon)
First and Last: Ashkore the All-Knowing (Green Dragon)
Whole Name: Ashkore the All-Knowing (Green Dragon)
Initials of 1st and 2nd name with last (A.J King): Akor the All-Knowing (Green Dragon)

I guess im all-knowing... seeing as 4 of em say it...

WereDragon - March 20, 2006 08:35 AM (GMT)
With my full name:Azet the Fire Belower (Silver Dragon)
First name:Azet the Great Fire (Red Dragon) (Me: Umm... :blink:)
Last name:Nerceron the Fire Belower (Silver Dragon)
Variation of first:Ashmore the Ash Maker (Red Dragon)
Username:Merceron the Great Dragon (Red Dragon)

*Sugar High* Therefore....BEHOLD THE SILVER AND RED DRAGON OF LEGEND! MUWHAHAHAHHAH! *Runs out of Sugar High*

Err... where am I? Oh yeah! At the message board.

Hunter - March 24, 2006 07:56 PM (GMT)
I got....*drumroll* :
Lora (my 1st name) = Celtor the Flamebreath (Gold Dragon)

Michelle (middle) = Celtore the Peacefull one (Gold Dragon)

Zabiran (last) =Bithor the Flamebreath (Blue Dragon)

Lora Michelle Zabiran (full. duh) =Celtor the Flamebreath (Blue Dragon)

Hunter (nickname) =Hrontor the Lightning Breather (White and Red Dragon)
I didn't know you could get 2 colors at once....

SilverDragon - April 3, 2006 07:35 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (dRagOniDe @ Mar 11 2006, 04:00 PM)
Aqwers the Water Breather (White Dragon)

Water breathing...hmmm. Either you can breathe underwater or you shoot water like most do fire. Knights that ride against you go 'Ewwww! It spat on me!'

Burnout Beau - April 11, 2006 07:40 AM (GMT)
This is what I got:

Aaron: Jargon the Great Dragon (Black)
Soong: Ashmoore the Good One (Yellow)
Full name: Jargon the All-Knowing (Yellow) B)
Burnout Beau: Brot the Firebreather (Blue)

I also put some DB character names in it and this is what I got:

Artha Tannis Penn: Arboth the Peaceful One (Green) :blink:
Moordryd Paynn: Ashmoore the Peaceful One (Red)
Kitt Wonn: Ashkoort the Wonderer (Yellow)
Parmon Sean: Gramzon the Ash Creator (Silver)
Lance Penn: Neceron the Peaceful One (Green)

DragonBooster500 - April 29, 2006 11:49 PM (GMT)
I got:

Sean: Ashkore the Ash Creator (Silver Dragon)
Sean Margaret:Ashkore the Lightning Belower (White Dragon)
Full Name:Ashkore the Water Breather (Black Dragon)
Handler: Aqwere the Lightning Belower (White Dragon)
Margaret: Matgar the Water Breather (Green Dragon)
DragonBooster500: Drakoor the Dragon (Red Dragon)
DB500: Arbo the Acid Breather (Red Dragon) seems as though I'm a mix of all sorts of dragons....(I'm a Chromatic Dragon! haha... :lol: )

I too put some DB Characters in:

Rivett: Azreth the Fire Starter (Silver Dragon)
Word Paynn: Akwor the Peacefull One (Red Dragon) :blink:
Pyrrah: Ortinbras the Fire Breather (Red Dragon)
Wulph: Lephisto the Flamebreath (White Dragon)
Reepyr: Drexor the Fire Breather (Green Dragon)
Moordryd Paynn: Ashmoore the Peacefull One (Red Dragon) :blink:
Armaggedon: Hragon the Great Dragon (Black Dragon)

I also put some Harry Potter Characters in:

Harry Potter: Chazor the Fire Starter (White Dragon)
Hermione Granger: Hrontore the Bringer-Of-Ashes (Green Dragon)
Draco Malfoy: Drakor the Small One (Red Dragon)
Lucius Malfoy: Lephisto the Small One
James Potter: Jarmore the Fire Starter (White Dragon)
Lily Potter: Cell the Fire Starter (White Dragon)
Sirius Black: Ashkor the Black-Eyed (Black Dragon)
Remus Lupin: Itremor the Quiet One (Blue Dragon)

Then...I tried some Lord of the Rings Characters:

Aragorn: Fragor the Great Dragon (Black Dragon)
Arwen: Ashkore the Harmless One (Green Dragon)
Legolas: Drego the Bringer-Of-Flames (Blue Dragon)
Gimli: Primith the Bringer of Flames (Gold Dragon) :blink:

I guess I went kinda crazy with that name generator....but I just wanted to see what would happen!

black and gold dragon - June 8, 2007 07:41 PM (GMT)
i typed my irst name and got lephisto the peacfull one[yellow dragon]
my middle name:fragore the bringer of ashes.[red dragon]
my last name:izgon the evil one[white dragon]
full:lephisto the evil one[white dragon]
beau:betho the fire breather[blue dragon]
feau:etma the fire breather [red dragon]
tara:akor the dragon[red dragon]
elizabeth:arboth the lightning breather[yellow dragon]
dragon rose:drago the bringer of ashes[red dragon]
dragon booster:drago the fire breather[white dragon]
black and gold dragon:akor the bringer of flames[red dragon]
the gold dragon:athkor the dragon[red dragon]
the true beau:athkor the firebreather[blue dragon]
feaucaphalus:lephisto the fire breather[black dragon]
wow. that web is drac! :cookie: have a cookie! :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: have a whole bunch

Elushun - June 8, 2007 08:31 PM (GMT)
Name: Drake the Dragon (WTF?)
Full name: Drake the Ash maker (On yeah that is so badass.)
Username: Gretchen the Bringer-of-Ashes (Ok I get it, I like burning stuff.)

Shining-Dragon - June 8, 2007 08:40 PM (GMT)
I done me.
Kathleen; Athkore the All-Seeing (Green Dragon)
Bohan; Arboth the Bringer-of-Ashes (Bronz Dragon)
Shining-Dragon; Hragon the Great Dragon (White Dragon)
Boonoo; Bethoor the Good one (Bronz Dragon)

arrow - June 8, 2007 09:48 PM (GMT)
first name: Bithore the bringer of flames (green dragon) :D
middle name: Aqwers the flame starter (silver dragon)
last name: Ashkor the ash maker (red dragon)
full name: Bithore the ash maker (red dragon)

my usernames (here, bzpower, lego, neopets, ytv)

arrow: Arbo the firestarter (black dragon)
my vortex: Ashmore the good hearted (yellow dragon) :D
legofreakzoid: Dregore the flamebreath (gold dragon) :gblast:
little_but_dangerous: Itrenog the bringer-of-ashes (white dragon)
bioniclefreak1: Bithore the bringer-of-fire (Bronz dragon) :D

heh looks like my name is bithore and i'm a mixture of colours :P

my bro: Ashkoort the Great dragon (black dragon) full: Ashkoort the ash maker (red dragon)
mom: Ash the flame starter (silver dragon) full: Ash the ash maker (red dragon)
dad: Aqwers the fire starter (white dragon) full: Aqwers the ash maker (red dragon)

looks like my full family are ash makers and red dragon :P


Aerodragon Highflyer - June 8, 2007 10:32 PM (GMT)
I got

First part of username: Drago the Great dragon (yellow)
Last part of username: Hezor the Lightning Belower (silver)
Aero: Aqwers the Bringer-of-Ashes (black)
Real first name: Atma the Vagabond (black)
real last name: Itrenog the Bringer-of-Flames (Green)
Real middle name: Lemore the Flamebreath (blue)
nickname: Lephisto the Peacefull one (yellow)
other nickname: Lephisto the Flamebreath (blue)

Hmmm, nice to see an interesting mix of different colors. Yellow, silver, black, green and blue...could this mean something? :unsure:

desperada - June 8, 2007 11:06 PM (GMT)
Demor the Ash Maker (Black Dragon)
like total duh :mellow:

Renesh - June 9, 2007 12:56 AM (GMT)
First name: Ash the Ash Maker (Black Dragon)
Middle name: Celtore the Peacefull one (Yellow Dragon)
Last name: Nagor the Dragon (Green Dragon)
First & middle: Ash the Peacefull one (Yellow Dragon)
First & last: Ash the Dragon (Green Dragon)
Middle & last: Celtore the Dragon (Green Dragon)
First, middle & last: Ash the Dragon (Green Dragon)
Username: Itrenore the Firebreather (Red Dragon)
First name in spanish: Atma the Lightning Breather (Black Dragon)
First name in spanish & last name: Atma the Dragon (Green Dragon)
Keraii(my OC): Ker the Firebreath (Sky Blue Dragon)
Azur(my OC's dragon): Azreth the Good Natured (Black Dragon)

Looks like I'm a green......darn, I wanna be a white.

The Hydrag - June 9, 2007 02:03 AM (GMT)
I tried it and all of my names sucked. I like the one I made for myself.
Scalindar. Its reptilian and Draconian while sounding ancient. Suits me just fine.

arrow - June 10, 2007 10:50 PM (GMT)
heh, i tried different nicknames and i got

Omnirok the Black Eyed (black dragon)
Omnirok the Spiky (sky blue dragon)

friends name and nick name
Lephisto the Peaceful one (yellow dragon)
Akor the angel (red dragon)

by the looks of it i would be Bithore Omnirok the multi-coloured dragon :P


Sai - June 10, 2007 11:27 PM (GMT)
Whole name: Celt the Harmless one(green dragon)
Last:Itrenog the Harmless one (green dragon)the first time I typed it in I was black
First:Celt the Evil(yellow dragon)
Moms and my Middle:Jargon the Angle(red dragon)
Moms first:Akor the Fire Starter(black dragon)no fair!
Brothers first name: Lephisto the Evil(blue dragon)
Brothers and dads middle:Eer the Firebreather(blue dragon)
dads first:Athkor the Good Hearted(gold dragon)wow!

I'm green, but as long as I'm a bibed like Jiny I'm good. I wanted to be black, but oh well.

Dragon Fanatic - June 15, 2007 03:01 AM (GMT)
Very Drac!

First Name: Atma the Flame Starter (Black Dragon)
First and Last Name: Atma the Evil one (Yellow Dragon)
Last Name: Melko the Evil one (Yellow Dragon)
Middle Name: Celtore the Peacefull one (Yellow Dragon)

First and Middle Name: Atma the Peacefull one (Yellow Dragon)
Full Name: Atma the Evil one (Yellow Dragon)

Looks like I'm part of the Gold :*: and Black Draconium :eye: Empire!

Alexander - June 15, 2007 07:15 AM (GMT)
how do you do this?

demonicangel53 - June 15, 2007 11:54 AM (GMT)
oh interesting, ill try, as I am not that great at making up dragon names.

My first&last name : Gramzon the Bringer-of-Ashes (Red Dragon)
My first name only : Gramzon the Saint (Silver Dragon) (me a saint? yeah right ^_^ )
My pen name (Demmie) :
Demore the Bringer-of-Flames (Red Dragon) (oh....I like that)
My forum username : Demore the Lightning Belower (Bronz Dragon) :unsure:

Hmm...looks like Im more of the dragon Flares

arrow - June 15, 2007 09:42 PM (GMT)
alexander, you get a name when you click the link on the first post, type your name in, hit enter and there you go!
hoped that helped


Salazaar - June 20, 2007 03:31 AM (GMT)
Real Frist Name = Hragon the Harmless one (White Dragon) ( :eep: Harmless?!?)
Real Middle Name = Magor the Flame Starter (Black Dragon)
Real Last Name = Chazore the Good Hearted (White Dragon)
Full Name W/ Middle Name = Hragon the Good Hearted (White Dragon)
Full Name W/out Middle Name = Hragon the Good Hearted (White Dragon)
Username = Azreth the Flame Starter (Black Dragon)
NickName = Hragon the Giant one (Blue Dragon)

Then I just typed what came to me:
Edward = Drakor the Firebreather (Red Dragon)
Bella = Cell the Bringer-of-Flames (Yellow Dragon)
Ava = Atma the Flamebreath (Black Dragon)
Stealth = Ath the Lightning Breather (White Dragon)
Vampire = Ashmore the Flamebreath (Red Dragon)
Werewolf = Merceron the Water Breather (White Dragon) (I like that name)
Pizza = Azetz the Firebreather (White Dragon) (?)
Barney = Ashkore the Brown Eyed (Black Dragon)
Tinkie Winkie = Athkore the Bringer-of-Fire (White Dragon) *laughs hysterically*

Okay, okay, I'm done. That was fun! I'm gonna go do more!

Matryx - June 21, 2007 06:20 AM (GMT)
Muaa ha haaaa, I found this funny...

My real name yeilds: Ashkoort the Fire Starter (Black Dragon)

My username yeilds: Matgar the Flame Starter (Black Dragon)

And My Last name Yeilds: Matgar the Fire Starter (Black Dragon)

And whole real name yeilds....: Chaz the Flame Starter (Black Dragon)

@.=.@;; woa... I can't get anything besides black dragons no matter how I spell my name... how odd...

This was great!!!! lots of fun!

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